Things You Might Not Know About Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is big business around the world, although there are a few things about online casinos that you might not know.

Rigged or Not Rigged?

There is a common misconception that online casino games are rigged. This is simply not true; most online casino games are not rigged. The thinking that, because the game is online without a real dealer or croupier, it is easily manipulated is simply not correct. The mathematical odds of winning many casino games mean the casino has no incentive to cheat the player. The odds and statistics are in the casino’s favour, so eventually the house wins.

Online Sports Betting is No Easier than Traditional Betting

There are some people that think online sports betting offers better chances of winning than traditional betting methods. This is not true; online sports betting is just the same as placing a traditional bet. The online gambling site will use the same methods as high street bookmakers to calculate odds. This means that whether you place your bet online or with a bookmaker, you have the same chances of winning.

Rake Fees

Many online poker sites charge rake fees. These are small fees that are charged to play online poker games. There are ways to get these fees reduced or to win them back. For more profitable poker playing you can research rake rates and find games with better fees.

The Majority of Profits are from Slot Machines

The huge profits that online casinos make come mainly from online video slots. Over 70% of the money made by online gambling sites comes from slot machines. The online slot machines have evolved over the years to make them as close to the real thing as you can get online. This has caused a huge rise in the popularity of slots.